Bulletproof Coaching

Personal Coaching for top performers

For whom this is appropriate?

You're a top performer in the business, and you ask a lot of your body and mind. You realize that your physical and mental condition could be improved and you are seriously motivated to change your lifestyle to continue to perform at high levels.

Expected results

You realize a lasting change in your life that gives you more energy makes you sharper and leads to a healthier body that makes you feel good again and looking good.

How does the Platinum Coaching LiveHelfi work?

There are two options:

  1. You are already well on your way and you want to have a coaching session from time to time to see where you can make any adjustments.
  2. You want to change your lifestyle and are willing to spend at least 6 months on it. You can then sign up for a 6-month Platinum coaching programme.

Ad 1: Ad hoc coaching calls

You can schedule an online appointment of 30 or 60 minutes. You indicate in advance what the subject is and what you want to achieve with the conversation. The conversation takes place via Skype or Google Hangouts.

You pay in advance. The cost is €150 per 60 minutes or €75 for 30 minutes. This includes 21% VAT. There is a money back guarantee for this. If you are not satisfied with the result of the conversation you will receive your money back without discussion.

You can book your call here.

Ad 2: Platinum Coaching: change your lifestyle in 6 months

Eduard de Wilde, certified Bulletproof coach, helps you personally six months to adjust your lifestyle so that you experience a high-energy level and you feel fitter. You get a tailored approach that suits your needs and your personal goals. The coaching consists of personal interviews and advice that help you develop a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with ongoing monitoring and adjustments based on regular measurements. Also, you will receive tips on reading articles or listening to podcasts on relevant issues. During the coaching process, Eduard will inform you regularly by email about interesting developments that are relevant to you.

What are the main steps?

  1. You start with an interview in which Eduard inventorizes your wishes and motivation to build new habits. On this basis, you take together a Go / No-go decision.
  2. Next, Eduard designs a plan on how to achieve quick and lasting results, based on the report and your personal situation.
  3. You start with the plan, and Eduard evaluates your progress continuously based on measurements (f.e. sleep, weight, movement) and conversations with you. Together you work to develop and implement a new lifestyle that fits your personality. This new lifestyle is the foundation for a lasting result.
  4. 3 months after finishing the coaching trajectory we plan an evaluation to determine if you manage to keep your new lifestyle and discuss any blockages. The ultimate goal is a permanent change!

How does personal coaching work in practice?

  • A continuous adjustment based on measurements to find the correct approach and to achieve desired changes in your habits.
  • Customized advice for your diet, the best nutritional supplements, training approach, sleep tips, Heart Rate Variability Training, Neurofeedback training, etc.
  • Weekly evaluations by measurements and telephone and/or email contacts
  • Regular personal meetings (once every 4-6 weeks) face to face in Amersfoort to make progress by speaking and intervention and desired changes.

What are the experiences of other coachees?

"After Eduard de Wilde helped me get a handle on my physical health with Bulletproof methods I was pleased and empowered. With his personal coaching, it was very similar. He is a compassionate listener with a keen sense of how to focus our conversations on the core of the issue at hand undistracted by the miscellaneous. There Remained an element of self-determination necessary in the dynamics. Like my physical health, my mental health or happiness also requires me to take an affirmative roll. Eduard helped me to figure out how to apply myself to those things I felt needed improvement. Again it has been an empowering experience."
Patricia Bade van Motman

"I found myself that I was already pretty well on track with healthy eating and exercise, but thanks to the Platinum Coaching trajectory of LiveHelfi I am permanently physically fitter and become more energetic and mentally sharper. Moreover, I am sleeping better. The coaching has given me the discipline and knowledge to adhere to the changes in my lifestyle. I get much more things done and perform better."
Alexander Quarles of Ufford

What are the costs of Platinum Coaching

Price: € 1,210,- per month (incl 21. % VAT) for 6 months (€ 7,260,- in total) The commitment for six months is necessary to achieve lasting change. We give a 'no cure no pay' guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we pay your money back (except for the screening). The condition is, however, a full commitment from the coachee that you adhere to the appointments made.

What is LiveHelfi?

LiveHelfi.com is the European destination for people who take their responsibility to look good, to feel fit and constantly want to perform at a high level, both mentally and physically. We offer easy access to information, a shop with carefully selected products, individual coaching and support tools and technology. We want to help and motivate people to achieve their goals. We do this based on our own experience, best practices from thought leaders and scientific research. Our goal is to offer each time again a unique customer experience. We focus on people that want get the most out of their lives, in business and/or sports.

Who is Eduard de Wilde?

Eduard de Wilde (52) is one of the world's first certified Bulletproof Coaches. He has done a course of 12 months at the Bulletproof Training Institute. This training is officially recognized by the American Coaching Federation. Eduard himself has been living the Bulletproof Lifestyle for years, and constantly tests new techniques and tools. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and a c-level consultant of large companies. He knows firsthand what demands are placed on top performers.

Eduard de Wilde and Dave Asprey

Eduard de Wilde and Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof 


Don't want to miss the opportunity to upgrade your mental and physical performance? Please contact Eduard to schedule the free intake.