Purchase protein powder?

Protein powder is available in various forms, such as whey protein powder and collagen powder. The latter form includes: collagen hydrolysate, gelatine and CollaGelatin.

These protein powders vary in source or origin, health benefits, flavour and ease of use. If you would like to purchase protein powder, please keep an eye on the following characteristics.

Whey protein is extracted from milk. Whey powder has a positive effect on protein synthesis, muscle growth and muscle recovery, fat loss and the immune system (if extracted from fresh milk). Whey protein can be purchased in pure, 'unflavoured' and 'flavoured' form. Many people don't like the taste of the pure form.

Collagen powder is extracted from animal tissue, mainly from the epidermis, bone and/or connective tissue. Collagen powder has a positive effect on the skin, intestines and digestion, joints and connective tissue, as well as suppressing hunger. All types of collagen powder you will find on this page have a neutral flavour. Collagen powder is also used in the protein bars we offer.

You can use gelatine powder to firm up liquids. Collagen hydrolysate dissolves in hot and cold liquids and does not lead to drastic changes in texture. CollaGelatin balances between gelatine powder and collagen hydrolysate.